Weight Loss Tip: Keep Irresistible Temptations out of your home.

Weight Loss Tip 49 - Keep Temptations Out of Your HomeWeight Loss Tip 49 - Keep Temptations Out of Your Home

If you can’t resist overeating them, I recommend you keep the binge starting foods out your of your home!

Weight Loss Tip 49 - Keep Temptations Out of Your Home

Weight Loss Tip 49 – Keep Temptations Out of Your Home

Junk food is pretty tempting.  I have been told my entire life to just not eat and that dieting is all about will power.  It sure reads well, but it is just not that simple. Keeping the food that tempts you out of your house may be the old solution if you cannot limit or stop from eating it.  I will guarantee you that if you do not buy it, you will eat less of it.


Overweight man watching television with Doughnuts

In theory, if you live alone, this will work, but the problem comes when you have a family, or you invite friends over.  It is customary to never come into a home with empty arms, and if you throw a party of getting together to watch the game, it will likely be some form of chips with a dip.  It is hard to resist the stuff when people are eating it around you, and there is some truth to the adage that you can’t just have one.  

If you have children of grandchildren, the gloves are off, and you might as well strap on the feed bag because they will bring a lot of treats into the home.  In reality, you just need to explain to them why they cannot bring it into your home.  

The truth is that I am the one that most often brings junk food into our home.  My wife does a lot of shopping, and she can resist the junk food.  I cannot.  She will buy cookies, and they will spoil before she eats them all.  Me, I will devour them in one sitting.  Once I stopped buying the junk and bringing it home, the flow of junk food slowed.  It took some self-control and self-discipline, but I think the key was not to shop when I was hungry and to always shop only from a list that is carefully prepared before you leave your home.

The Bottom Line: If you are having trouble avoiding or limiting junk food when it is in your house, I would suggest that you to examine where it is coming from and find a strategy to stop the inward flow. You will be better able to avoid the temptation of strapping on the feed bag if your triggers for overeating are not readily available. 

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