Weight Loss Tip: Listen to your body.

Weight Loss Tip 192 - Listen to your bodyWeight Loss Tip 192 - Listen to your body

Doing too much at the gym can be worse than not going at all.

Weight Loss Tip 192 - Listen to your body

Weight Loss Tip 192 – Listen to your body


We have all done it.  You go to the gym and go hog wild with your workout.  It’s never a good idea to overdo it with your workout.  If you overdo it, you will be less likely to maintain the exercise program and quit.  This concept is especially true if you are just starting out or adding something new.  

Just like you shouldn’t do too much at once, make sure you’re not getting too much of a good thing as well.  Working out can relieve stress, but it can also increase stress if you do not take t slow.  Having a near-religious fervor is important to keep it going, but too much will make you fail.  Just like food, you can get too much exercise.  Too much exercise causes pain and injuries and can lessen your resolve to continue.  A mindful attitude can keep you going strong and help prevent injuries.  

The bottom line: Listen to your body and build your exercise program slowly.  Just like with eating, it is important to be mindful of what your body is telling you.  It will prevent injuries and keep you going strong.  

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