Weight Loss Tip: Make a small change

Weight loss tip 127 - Make a small changeWeight loss tip 127 - Make a small change

A small change can lead to huge changes.  

Weight loss tip 127 - Make a small change

Weight loss tip 127 – Make a small change


Small Changes

Figure 1: Small Changes

If your goal is long-lasting weight loss, you do not need to deprive yourself of food and make huge changes in your lifestyle.  Taking baby steps or making small changes can make a world of difference in your weight.   If you have habitual eating habits that you do every day, cutting them out can make progress over time.  The key to long-lasting weight loss is simple.  To have a long lasting weight loss, you must make a change and continue to maintain over an extended period of time.


I have made a small chart of the examples small changes that make a large difference

Example of small changes:

  1.  Candy grazing: A single Reese cup has 110 calories.  If you have one every day or average 365 of them per year, cutting them out will help you lose 11.47 pounds.  Avoiding two-four peppermints per day can reduce your weight by 4.17 pounds per year.  
  2. Slim down your coffee: Two teaspoons of sugar contain 32 calories, and the average serving creamer has 60 calories.  Cutting the sugar from your coffee can help you lose 3.34 pound per year.   Removing the creamer could help you lose 6.26 pounds per year.
  3. Stack of Doughnuts

    Stack of Doughnuts

    Cutting the mayonnaise: Each tablespoon of mayonnaise has 100 calories.  If you replace it with banana peppers or mustard, you could lose 10.43 pounds per year.  

  4. Exercise during commercial breaks: During a 2-hour period of television, commercials make up a significant amount of each hour of TV.  If you exercise during those 2-minute breaks, you could burn up to 270 calories each evening.  This habitual change could lead to 28 pounds of weight loss in a year.  
  5. Stop the pastries: I love doughnuts and cake, but they are horrible for you.  If you stop eating them and have them 365 times a year, cutting them out would lead to significant weight loss.  Not eating a single doughnut every day can lead to 22.94 pounds of weight loss each year.  Cutting our the habit of cake would result in 46.93 pounds of weight loss per year.  
  6. Take the stairs: If you work on the third floor and there are two flights of stairs per floor and 12 steps per flight, you would burn 30 calories taking the stairs each time.  If you take them once per day, you will lose 3.13 pounds per year.  

I understand that most of these are not daily habits so results may vary, but the point still holds.  Small changes can make a huge difference in your waistline and health.  There are many more options, so find a few that work for you.  

The bottom line: A small change in your diet or activity that is turned into a daily habit can make a huge difference in your waistline.  Make a change and improve your health.

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