Weight Loss Tip: Make Healthy Choices More Visible

Weight loss tip 120 - Make Healthy Choices More VisibleWeight loss tip 120 - Make Healthy Choices More Visible

Use healthy food as your blocker as you hit the fridge or pantry.

Weight loss tip 120 - Make Healthy Choices More Visible

Weight loss tip 120 – Make Healthy Choices More Visible

Pantry Shelves

Pantry Shelves

Football season is over but I will sue a little analogy to illustrate a point.  Like a football running back, blocking can be key to making healthy choices when you visit the refrigerator or pantry.   We have all done it.  We visit the pantry and next thing we know we are gobbling down the foods we wanted to avoid.  The point of this concept is if you cannot see them, you will be less likely to reach for them.  

As you prepare to fight the quest to lose weight or stay slim.  Some will try to plan extra exercise and plan lower calorie portion controlled meals.  So, you shop for your family and occasionally you will make a poor decision and buy a food or snack that is less than healthy.  You have made a mistake and you can make it worse by choosing to eat the food or snack you just purchased.  What can you do to reduce your risk of grazing on the less healthy choices?  

With weight loss, one important thing is knowing yourself and to prep the battlefield.  One possible solution is to throw it away.  I recommend against this choice because it will bread guilt and guilt will lead to regret and overeating.   A better choice is to is block the line of sight of the less healthy choices with healthier options.  The absolutely worst thing you can do it to keep the items on your kitchen counter or the front of your pantry.  This option would be sabotaging your efforts to eat better.   By blocking visibility, you will be more likely to chose the healthier option.  

How do I know this will work?  Personal experience has taught me that food in the back of the refrigerator tends to spoil before you use it.  Why is this?  It is out of sight and out of mind.  Food that is accessible is the ones we tend to reach for first.  Trigger foods that cause you to graze or binge are especially dangerous if they are in plain sight.  Try it and you will find it works for you.  I am sure you will find similar results.    

The bottom line: Allow healthy options to block the visibility of the foods you would prefer to avoid or have difficulty limiting.  This method will help you make healthier choices.  

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