Weight loss tip: Make time to exercise!

Weight loss tip 86 - Make time to exerciseWeight loss tip 86 - Make time to exercise

Don’t Find Time, Make Time to Exercise!  

Weight loss tip 86 - Make time to exercise

Weight loss tip 86 – Make time to exercise

You have heard many people say that exercise makes you fit and eating right makes you slim.  Do not misinterpret this statement!  This statement does not mean that activity is not essential.  Plain and simple, this statement implies that exercise is not as important as having a healthy diet.  Exercise clearly helps with weight loss.  Every calorie counts!  Every calorie burn is one more calorie toward one more pound of weight loss.

A healthy diet that is lower in calories will result in more weight loss than exercise.  For instance, a candy bar may have 240 calories.  It may take an hour of exercise to burn 240 calories depending on the activity that you are using.   To reduce your caloric intake by 240 calories, you would need to reduce your consumption by 1-2 snacks during the day.  Heck, a single serving of chips has 140-180 calories.  

The bottom line: Make time for exercise.  All calories count toward weight gain or loss.  Even a small amount of activity can lead to massive loss over 12 months if you stick to it.  

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