Weight Loss Tip: Make Your Own Snack Packs

Weight Loss Tip 68 - Make Your Own Snack PacksWeight Loss Tip 68 - Make Your Own Snack Packs

Create your own snack packs

Weight Loss Tip 68 - Make Your Own Snack Packs

Weight Loss Tip 68 – Make Your Own Snack Packs

Ziplock Snack Baggies

Ziplock Snack Baggies

Making your own snack packs is more economical and may reduce grazing.  Grazing the candy bowls or cake cutting ceremonies at work can hurt your chances of weight I am very supportive of smarter snack choices.  It is hard to make good choices if you eat from vending machines.  I usually bring a snack for a mid-afternoon bite to reduce my chances of grazing and rips to the vending machine.  

I have a tray in my refrigerator that I put little zip lock bags of snacks so that I can bring 1-2 to work per day.  I use the snack size baggies because smaller size limits the amount I can bring.  I try to measure the amount in the bag to be less than 100 calories per bag.  

Example 100 calorie packs:

  1. Ripe carrots

    Ripe carrots

    Gala apple: Cut the apple into slices.  Leave the skin because the skin is a great source of fiber and vitamins.  This snack has less than 100 calories and will clock at about 80 calories.  

  2. Beef or Turkey Jerky: Jerky is a great source of protein, and it is very filling.  If you watch sugar content of the jerky, jerky is a great snack, but you have to watch it.  The other problem is sodium.  Jerky tends to be high in sodium also.
  3. Broccoli:  Broccoli is full of fiber and low in carbohydrates to keep you full for a long time.  One cup has 31 calories and 2 grams of fiber.  You can easily add 2 tbsp of hummus and get under 100 calories.  
  4. Beanitos Chips:  These great little chips are made with black, white, or pinto beans.  One ounce has about 140 calories, so if you reduce it to about seven chips, it would be below 100 calories.  This serving would still have 3.5 grams of fiber.  
  5. Pop corn:  Popcorn is empty calories, but it is still a good snack.  It is filling and can help reduce your caloric intake.  Two cups of popcorn has about 70 calories.  
  6. Carrot sticks:  Three ounces of carrot sticks has approximately 35 calories so you can easily add some hummus or ranch dip and stay under 100 calories.   

The bottom line: The options for making your snack packs are endless.  If you choose wisely, you will lose weight.  Look for healthy options, and you will find yourself avoiding the candy bowls.    

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