Weight Loss Tip: Meditate to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tip 93 - Meditate to Lose weightWeight Loss Tip 93 - Meditate to Lose weight

Meditation might help with weight loss.

Weight Loss Tip 93 - Meditate to Lose weight

Weight Loss Tip 93 – Meditate to Lose weight

Female in Meditation

Female in Meditation

Before you commit to that fad diet you’re considering, try meditation.   Meditation is a simple and easy strategy that could be just what you are looking for to cut a few pounds.  It may not only help you get that slim waistline but also lower your stress level and help elevate your insomnia.  

What is meditation?  Meditation has many forms, and there is no right and wrong as long as you relax when you do it.  It can be as simple as just sitting in a dark room and clearing your mind of the day’s stresses.  It can also be a simple but more formal method relaxing in which you get into a position that is comfortable, clear your mind, and concentrate on controlling your breathing.  The point of meditation is it has to be relaxing for you.  

So how do I meditate?  To perform medication, all you have to do is lie flat on your back.  There are many methods of doing it, but the basics are your must clear your head and lay in the dark in a dark and quiet environment.  Some recommend that place one hand on the front of your head and the other cupped at the base of the back of your head.  Others suggest that you place them on your chest.  There is no right and wrong because the point is an excellent relaxed position.  Simply close your eyes and focus on the tick of a clock or your pattern of your breathing.  I usually try to drift somewhere else like the beach and focus in on the sound or ocean or seagulls.  Imaging the warmth of the sun soaking into your fingertips.  Let your mind wander to the new location and relax 

How long do I meditate?  Twenty to thirty minutes a day should be enough.  You can do it in one session or split into 2-3 sessions. 

When should I meditate?  I recommend doing it at a set time each day.   I try to do it every morning and evening.  If I have a set time, I tend to make sure I do it.  After breakfast and dinner just work for me.  

Does meditation work for weight loss?  Yes.  Relaxation of any type will reduce your stress and cortisol levels and thus will lower your risk of central obesity.  There is plenty of research to back this up and will present it in a future article.  Meditation is not guaranteed to work, but it does help most so give it a try.  

The bottom line:  Meditation will help reduce stress and help you lose weight.  It works dramatically for some, but it is not a magic bullet.  You will still need to watch what you eat. 

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