Weight Loss Tip: Move More, Sit Less

Weight Loss Tip 98 - Sit Less and Move MoreWeight Loss Tip 98 - Sit Less and Move More

Get up and move more!  

Weight Loss Tip 98 - Sit Less and Move More

Weight Loss Tip 98 – Sit Less and Move More



I am sure you have seen the multitude of articles equating sitting to be the new smoking.  There is no doubt about it that the research points to sitting as the new significant health risk.  The longer you sit, the higher your risk of diabetes type 2, heart disease, and cancer.  There is a positive side to this; the cure is simple: all you have to do is get up from your desk on the hour and move around.  


Each step you take is one step closer to an additional calorie burned which means you can eat more and still not gain weight.  Sure, one calorie is not gonna do it, but that is one less calorie of weight gain and they slowly add up.  Walking is simple enough to do the trick.  In fact, if you walk 10 minutes every hour for a work day, you will walk 80 minutes in a day.  The average person will burn 45 calories per 10 minutes or about 360 calories if they walk for 80 minutes (10 minutes every hour).  If you do this every day, that is one pound lost or less gained every 10 days.  If you cus another 140 calories per day from your diet, you can cut that from a pound every 10 days to 7 days.   Heck, in one year, this adds up to 35 to 50 pounds difference in your weight.  

The bottom line: Walking every hour can add both health and weight loss benefits.  This small effort can make a huge difference in your waistline in a year.  I recommend that you mix it up and get creative to prevent boredom and adapt it to better fit your lifestyle and work pattern.  

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