Weight loss tip: Only eat at the dinner table.

Weight loss tip 122 - Only eat at the dinner tableWeight loss tip 122 - Only eat at the dinner table

weight lsos tipEating only at the dinner table can help with weight loss.  

Weight loss tip 122 - Only eat at the dinner table

Weight loss tip 122 – Only eat at the dinner table

Dinner table

Dinner table

Eating around the dinner table is something special.  I can remember eating dinner with my family as a child.  It was a mixture of eating and conversation that enforced eating slowly.  We were able to connect with family, enjoy the conversation, and savor our meal.  The problem today is that we have lost the art of eating around a table has simply gotten lost in the shuffle of a busy life.  This practice that was once an intentional time of building relationships, communication, and learning to be present has been replaced by mindless eating around the television.  

Today, we are shoveling our meals into your mouth on the way to school or work or while watching the news at night.  Eating at the dinner table promotes mindful eating.  We are shoving a sandwich in or mouth while multitasking the reading of emails at our desk at work.  This mindless eating is the enemy of a healthy diet and it causes us to eat more than we wanted.  grabbing a salad between meetings or classes. Working lunches and multiple family schedules can lead to quick-fix meals on the go or in front of the computer or TV.  We need to carve out time to dedicate to enjoying our meals and eating slowly.  

The bottom line: Take the time off to relax and eat your meals.  Relish the time with your friends and family and savor the food.  Slow down and the weight will come off.   

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