Weight Loss Tip: Only Shop From Your List

Weight Loss Tip 44 - Only Shop From Your ListWeight Loss Tip 44 - Only Shop From Your List

Shopping lists are essential to sticking to your diet.  

One of my local grocery stores does the perfect temptation dance.  The dance they practice is a very diverse list of marketing tactics that do a mile further than any store I have ever shopped.  

Weight Loss Tip 44 - Only Shop From Your List

Weight Loss Tip 44 – Only Shop From Your List

Tactics to sell more food:

  1. Samples: They give out free samples like no one else I have ever seen.  There are at least a half-dozen salespeople cooking various “specials” to tempt your nose and taste buds.  Simply enough, it can be almost impossible to stop from grazing.  
  2. Meal deals: The managers often have combinations of 3-6 foods to sold together make a quick and easy meal for your family.  
  3. Coupons: This store has at least 100 store specials in the form of coupons.    

The bottom line: The food combinations are not that healthy, and the deals are not that good, so walk right past them.  Only buy the foods on your list.  If the foods are on discount by coupon, use them but only if you need all the items.  

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