Weight Loss Tip: Pack your lunch not the pounds

Weight Loss Tip 77 - Pack your lunch not the poundsWeight Loss Tip 77 - Pack your lunch not the pounds

Packing your lunch can help you lose weight.  

Weight Loss Tip 77 - Pack your lunch not the pounds

Weight Loss Tip 77 – Pack your lunch not the pounds

Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag

You have started a new diet and now, you are feeling pretty good about yourself.  You are walking with confidence and have a great outlook on your prospects for weight loss success strolling into work.  Unfortunately, there is one trap waiting for you to slip up and that is lunch time.  Lunchtime can be a minefield blocking your chances at weight loss success especially if you work colleagues like to eat out.  Don’t fret because there is a solution.  

The solution is simple.  Plan your meals out and meal prep on the weekends.  I carry my lunch and snacks in a meal prep bag.  This limits my opportunities to stray.  You can use a simple lunch box or go fancy with a Bento Box.  Heck, you can go “old school” and use a simple brown paper bag.  There are literally hundreds of options and you do not need to break the bank to do this.  The cost of the lunch box will pay for itself in time because it is far cheaper to bring your lunch than to eat out.  

I plan my meals and snacks ahead and try to keep the calorie count to 400-700 calories and make the foods a mixture of high fiber and protein.  My snacks are simple 100 calorie packs of vegetable or high fiber bean crisps. The mixture of fiber and protein will keep you full longer.  

The bottom line: Packing your lunch will help reduce your waistline and pad your wallet. Brown bagging it is the perfect way to stick to a weight loss plan or maintain a weight.

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