Weight loss tip: Pass on the pop

Weight loss tip 161 - Pass on the popWeight loss tip 161 - Pass on the pop

Soda pop can increase weight gain.  

Weight loss tip 161 - Pass on the pop

Weight loss tip 161 – Pass on the pop

Refreshing Bubbly Soda Pop

Refreshing Bubbly Soda Pop

I love soda or pop.  I can remember it being a treat when I would go to football games that my Dad would buy me my own soda.  I would quickly drift off into the sugar induced euphoria.  Sodas and other sugary beverages are common sights in convenience stores, gas stations, movie theaters, and vending machines all around the globe.  Soda manufacturers make billions off of their products and the consumption of these products not only pad their wallets, they also pad your waistline.  With over one-third of American’s being obese and nearly two-thirds being overweight, we have to try to reduce any potential causes from our habits.  

Sugar-sweetened sodas are a major source of empty calories and weight gain.  These drinks have limited to no nutritional value and I recommend that you avoid them.  There is no doubt how sodas sweetened with sugar cause obesity.  Three servings a day can contribute up to 600 calories a day which is over 1/4 of your daily calorie requirement.  Even worse, these calories do not keep satiated so you will quickly be hungry again.  Even replacing a single one of these beverages with water can reduce your risk of obesity[1].  

So what about diet soda?  Newer research clearly indicates that diet drinks are not the answer.  Diet sodas need to be further studied, but they have been linked to obesity[2].  The mechanism is not clear, but many of the sweeteners have been tied to increased insulin levels or spikes which increase hunger and fat deposition.  Despite the lack of a clear understanding of the mechanism, diet soda is not the solution to promoting thinness.  

Sodas and other sugary drinks have been a target for sin taxes for years.  Although they may reduce consumption, I do not think they are the answer.  They tend to punish the poor who will still buy the soda or seek it from other sources.  

The bottom line: Skip the soda to reduce your weight.  We are consuming too many calories in our beverages and these beverages poorly hydrate and do not promote satiety.  Instead, have a glass or bottle of water.  It is better for your health.  Try carbonated water for bubbles and add lemon for flavor.  


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