Weight Loss Tip: Pay Attention to What You Eat

Weight Loss Tip 57 - Pay Attention to What You EatWeight Loss Tip 57 - Pay Attention to What You Eat

Less mindless eating will reduce your waistline.

Weight Loss Tip 57 - Pay Attention to What You Eat

Weight Loss Tip 57 – Pay Attention to What You Eat

How many times have you sat down on the couch with a bowl or bag of popcorn and before you know it, the container was empty, and you are left looking for where it has all went.  We all love to have a moment on the couch watching Television with our family and usually, these special moments involve a drink or snack food.  More often than not, each of these events ends in overeating.  TV is distracting, so it makes it harder for us to notice how much we have eaten and before you know it, we have scarfed down way too much.

So you may ask, what does the research show?  Recent studies have found evidence to indicate that paying attention to what or to be more exact, how much you are eating can help with weight loss and help you avoid mindless eating.  For more information and a review of the studies on mindless eating.  To be blunt, mindless eating increases caloric intake.  In other words, if you do not pay attention to how much you are eating, you will most likely eat more than you expected.   Strap on the feed bag and go ahead and eat away.  

The bottom line: Mindless eating is the enemy of weight loss.  You will not notice how much you have eaten or when you are full.  TV and computer use distracts your attention from where you need to focus it.  You need to be conscious of how much and what you are eating. 

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