Weight loss tip: Pick up some resistance​ bands


Resistance bands are a simple at-home or on-the-go strength training option.

Athlete fit woman using a red resistance band.

Resistance training and weightlifting are well documented through research to assist with weight loss.  Resistance bands are a great alternative to weights or even a great addition to a traditional weight training program.  I think there is little doubt that nearly everyone could benefit from strengthening and building more muscle mass.  The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you can consume without gaining weight.  No only will distance train help with weight loss, it can also help turn your body up and make it stronger.

The good news is that you do not need to buy expensive gym equipment to lose weight through resistance training.  In fact, expensive weight listing equipment might be a hinderance.  They are big and bulky and you cannot bring them with you when you do to work or travel.   A cheap and simple resistance band can be purchased at your local Walmart and your can carry them where ever you go.   

Weight loss tip: Pick up some resistance bands
Weight loss tip: Pick up some resistance bands

Could these flimsy and brightly-colored resistance bands really help you shed unwanted fat?  The answer is an absolute yes.  Sure, they may be less popular compared to other more routine exercise equipment, but they are mroe convenience and cheapere than the bulky items they replace.  These little bands are just as effective as barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells at building muscle and shading fat.  

The bottom line: Never underestimate the benefit of resistance training with these rubber bands.  These are an inexpensive, versatile, and work your muscles in a completely different way than weights.  They can be especially effective at weight loss for people that are busy and need that extra workout added to your workday. 

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