Weight loss tip: Portion control

Weight Loss Tip 106 - Portion ControlWeight Loss Tip 106 - Portion Control

Portion Control is one key method of weight maintenance.  

Weight Loss Tip 106 - Portion Control

Weight Loss Tip 106 – Portion Control

Portion Control Plate

Portion Control Plate

You have been trying hard to get rid of your gut for a while and unfortunately, I am sure your New Year’s resolution is now in the rear view mirror.  For whatever reason, you have failed to maintain your resolution and your gut continues to be a big risk for you and your health.  Now, I am inviting you to stop trying so hard and start a smart diet plan.  The plan I am suggesting avoid the dietary methods you have tried int he past that are nothing more than a short-term deprivation that destined to fail.  Instead of depriving your self of the things you love to eat, try portion control to limit your intake.   

A recent study looked at portion control in comparison with other reduced calorie models for weight loss[1],[2].  I do not think this study is published but it has referenced all over the internet and by news sources.  The study compared four of the most popular approaches to losing body weight.  The subjects in the study were assigned to four regimens: one group wore activity monitors and were given help making lifestyle adjustments, a second group did a regular sit-up routine, the third group consumed a liter of milk per day without changing anything else and the final group used reduced portion size.   The portion control used portion size definitions based on common items such as hand, palm, dice, a deck of cards, etc.  The researchers used DEXA scans to measure body fat.  The results of the study showed that the winner was the portion-control group.  The portion control group lost an average of 8.2 lb each and 2 inches in weight line over six weeks.  The subjects in the portion-control group ended with 5% less body fat and a 14% reduction of the dangerous visceral fat inside the abdomen.  

There are other studies that prove that portion control is a successful strategy for weight loss.  You can read more at Research: Portion Control Can Help Weight Loss.

The bottom line: Portion control can work to help lose and maintain weight loss.  Although the study has a small N, it makes scientific sense.  More studies are needed.  I recommend a multi-faceted approach to weight loss, so pick a few strategies that make sense to you and give it a try.  Good luck with your weight loss plan!  

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