Weight loss tip: Practice proper posture.

Weight loss tip: Practice proper postureWeight loss tip: Practice proper posture

Good posture builds core muscles and will burn calories and help weight loss.

Making proper posture
Posture analysis

Many people allow their shoulders to slouch and stand in a manner that would have our grandmothers hapring. Poor posture is terrible for your health and might also be contributing to less confidence and weight gain. Because standing with proper posture uses more of the core muscles than slouching, standing correctly may help you burn fat, gain strength and benefit your health.

Not only does it use more muscles and burn more calories, standing with a poor posture build on your feelings of self. Sitting lazily build feelings of poor self-worth and lowers confidence. Any loss of confidence can hinder your ability to stick to your diet.

Weight loss tip: Practice proper posture
Weight loss tip: Practice proper posture

The bottom line: Good posture will strengthen your core and burn a few extra calories and since every calorie counts, proper posture can assist with weight loss and maintenance. So, align your spine right to burn more calories and build your confidence.

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