Weight loss tip: Punctuate your meal with water

Weight loss tip 150 - Punctuate your meal with waterWeight loss tip 150 - Punctuate your meal with water

Follow every meal with a large glass of water.

Weight loss tip 150 - Punctuate your meal with water

Weight loss tip 150 – Punctuate your meal with water

Ice Cold Water

Ice Cold Water

Your body is over 7o% water and water is a vital part of every bodily function.  This fact is why drinking plenty of water to stay well hydrated is so vital to ensure you operate efficiently.  If your body runs more efficiently, you will likely burn more calories.  Water can help you reach your weight loss goal.  

Water can also help you tolerate exercise better.  Drinking enough water regulates your body temperature. It’s important to include plenty of water in your healthy eating and exercise plan.  Water plays a primary role in transporting healthy nutrients from the food you eat to your body tissues, including muscle, which uses them for energy.  All of these can help you better exercise.  If you can exercise better and get more exercise, it can help you burn more calories. 

So how can a glass after meals help you lose weight?  Well, I have seen people say that water after meals hurts digestion.  Bull hockey!  Water makes you feel full and full longer.  Drinking a full glass of water can help expand that food you just ate, and if it slows digestion, it will help you feel full longer.  If you feel full, you are more likely to eat less.  

The bottom line: Water can expand your meal and make you feel full longer.  Have a glass of water at the end of each meal to help with weight loss and punctuate that meal with a glass of water and less body weight.  

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