Weight Loss Tip: Reduce or Avoid Mayonnaise

Weight Loss Tip 48 - Avoid MayonnaiseWeight Loss Tip 48 - Avoid Mayonnaise

The skinny truth on mayonnaise and some healthy alternatives.  

Weight Loss Tip 48 - Avoid Mayonnaise

Weight Loss Tip 48 – Avoid Mayonnaise

Bottle jar of mayonnaise

Bottle jar of mayonnaise

I am going to just be blunt about this.  There is no way to beat around the bush on mayonnaise.  It tastes great and it is essential for some dishes, but the facts are the facts.  There is nothing skinny about mayonnaise.  

The average mayonnaise has 90 calories per tablespoon with 10 grams of fat or 100% fat calories.  Admittedly, not all mayonnaises are the same.  Miracle Whip has fewer calories and fat but has sugar added.  I would argue that it is not a mayo and the manufacturer would agree since they call it a salad dressing.  Other mayos are made partially with olive oil.  

When I am working on losing weight, I usually try to avoid most creamy dressings and condiments.  Most of these sauces and dressings are a source of empty calories.  I know most of you are now saying to yourselves “Mayonnaise is made of eggs and eggs are healthy.”  Although this is true, you cannot apply this type of logic.  Mayonnaise is a manufactured product, and most of the nutritional benefit of eggs is lost in the process.  

Weight loss is tough enough, and you do not need to create obstacles by eating empty calories in the form of condiments.  Sure you need fat to absorb essential fat soluble vitamins and some essentials fatty acids, but you are better off getting that from food that is empty and more nutritious.

Not sold yet?  I have another point to illustrate how much of an impact this is.  There is nothing better than utilizing numbers to show a point.   The average American eats approximately 64 ounces of mayonnaise per year.   That is over 12,000 calories or 3.5 pounds of body fat.  Imagine this small change in your diet could make 3.5 pounds of less weight gained or more lost.  This number is a very conservative estimate.  This total does not include the serving of ranch eaten in restaurants or the sandwiches you eat.  This estimate only includes the mayonnaise purchased by individuals.  

Suggestions to reduce your mayonnaise consumption.

  1. Use sour cream.  You will find this more flavorful, and you will use less so there will be fewer calories consumed.   
  2. Use mustard instead.  You will find it more flavorful than mayonnaise, and it has much fewer calories.  
  3. Use guacamole.  This sauce is delicious, and it will add a lot of flavor and it full of healthy fats.
  4. Guacamole Dip

    Guacamole Dip

    Add spicy and pepper sauces.  Whether it is horseradish mustard or hot sauce, the spice not only decreases consumption of calories, it also increased the calorie deficit for the day. 

  5. Add some olive oil.  It takes a while, but you will get used to it.  It is flavorful and is full of healthy monounsaturated fats.
  6. Choose a better source of fat.  Instead of a mayonnaise dressing consider olive oil dinner and red wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar.  It will make your salad healthier, and you will eat fewer calories.
  7. Other potential substitutes.   Consider avocado (sliced or mashed) and guacamole or hummus that have not been made with sour cream, cream cheese, or mayo.
  8. Add pickled banana or jalapeño peppers.  These flavorful little things can add enough flavor to avoid the need for mayonnaise.  
  9. Add low-fat plain Greek yogurt instead.  This creamy delight is a staple in the Mediterranean diet. It is heart-healthy, and it contains good monounsaturated fatty acids.
  10. Replace it with some pesto.  Pesto is made with olive oil which contains healthy fats.  It is very flavorful and a good source of vitamins and minerals.

The bottom line: Mayonnaise is not a healthy choice, and you can do much better.  Choose a better condiment. 

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