Weight loss tip: Rise and Shine

Weight loss tip: Rise and ShineWeight loss tip: Rise and Shine

Getting out of bed and moving around is a simple what to lose weight.

Rise and shine
Rise and shine

I have to admit that like many of us that I am not a morning person. I wake a little grumpy and need a few cups of coffee to get moving. My mom used to sing a good morning song that I would love to hear again. I can’t even remember the song and she probably made it up. It sure motivated me to get out of bed, but then again she was not the best at singing. This might be one thing that I inherited from her.

Well, you do not need a song from your mom to motivate you to get out of bed. Let use weight loss is motivation and you do not even need to exercise. Just being exposed to more hours of daylight will help you lose weight. You you heard that right: If you get out of bed instead of hiding under the covers, you will lose more weight.

A research study from 2014 looked into this effect​[1]​. We know that light exposure can influence sleep and circadian timing but it also appears to be essential in influencing body weight regulation. The researchers sought to evaluate the relationship between ambient light, sleep, and body mass index.

Participants included 54 individuals. Light levels, sleep midpoint, and duration were measured with a wrist monitor 7 days. BMI was derived from self-reported height and weight. Caloric intake was determined from 7 days of food logs. For each participant, light and activity data were output in 2-minute periods and then aggregated over 24 hours.

The researcher found that exposure to moderate levels of light at biologically appropriate times can influence weight, independent of participant age or sleep timing and duration. In particular, the more light during the day, the healthier the BMI or body weight (fat). This means that sunlight during the day will help you lose weight and stay slim no matter what your circadian rhythm is.
Light appears to synchronize your body’s clock. If you do not get enough sunlight, your sleep and wake cycle is wrecked and your metabolism suffers. That steady sleep schedule is essential for proper metabolism. Morning light is much stronger than afternoon or evening light and is likely essential to synchronize you internal clock.
In fact, an early wakeup time might be so essential for a faster metabolism than you might burn fewer calories and eat more. the study also showed that people who wake up later may consume up to 250 more calories during the day and more unhealthy choices. Knight owls tend to eat more comfort foods and weigh more. Ben Franklin may have to add a line to his famous quite to include “healthy and weigh less”.

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

– Ben Fanklin
Weight loss tip: Rise and Shine
Weight loss tip: Rise and Shine

The bottom line: Waking early may help you lose weight. Enough sleep is essential also so you must walk a fine line between the proper amount of sleep and you waking early enough to keep your internal clock set. Both are essential for a healthy metabolism.


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