Weight loss tip: Sacrifice the Fat

Weight loss tip 164 - Sacrifice the fatWeight loss tip 164 - Sacrifice the fat

Your health should be more important. 

Weight loss tip 164 - Sacrifice the fat

Weight loss tip 164 – Sacrifice the fat

Pound of Fat

Pound of Fat

Dieting and weight loss is a lot of hard work.  You have to make tough choices and sacrifices to be successful at weight loss.  Then again, do you really want to eat all of those twinkies and doughnuts you have been stuffing in your mouth for 20-years?  They have padded your waist, and you are in no shape to run the NYC marathon.   Many of you have turned the page and will read no further than the two word I write so far.  Why is it that work and sacrifice are so offputting?  Instead, I recommend that you focus on the success you want to achieve and not what you have to give up to get there.  

Long-term, maintainable, and sustainable weight loss takes time and patience.  The key is keeping your eye on the long-term goal.  The sacrifice does not have to be flavor and it does not have to be large because small changes will build huge dividends over time.  But, as you sacrifice and work hard toward your goals, you will build good habits, and the hard work and sacrifice will be well worth the effort.  You have spent years filling your stomach and body full of food that has padded your belly and waist with fat deposition.  Instead, fill your life with healthier foods and exercise.  In time, it will seem less like sacrifice and more like a healthy habit that just comes naturally.  These little sacrifices that you are making are going to pay huge returns as it melts away the fat.  

[pullquote]Sacrifice those high-calorie foods that you crave for something that matters more: your health.[/pullquote]I know you crave something.  There is a food you cannot resist.  For me, it is something smothered in gooey cheese.  It could be nachos or pizza or maybe even another food depending on the restaurant or my mood.  For health and weight loss, you need to sacrifice this moment of fleeting satisfaction for your future.  It is worth it to spend a few more days on this beautiful planet.  Focus on that future of health and be determined to develop the willpower to fight that craving.  I know it is more than willpower, but a little willpower and determination can go a long way into avoiding that temptation.  It is very important because your health matters more!  

The bottom line: Your health is vitally important so sacrifice the fat from your belly.  You work a little overtime, and with a little patience, the sacrifices will make a change in your life. Not a bad exchange, if you ask me.  

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I am a family physician who has served in the US Army. In 2016, I found myself overweight, out of shape, and unhealthy, so I made a change to improve my health. This blog is the chronology of my path to better health and what I have learned along the way.

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