Weight loss tip: Scout the menu online.

Weight Loss Tip 148 - Scout the Menu OnlineWeight Loss Tip 148 - Scout the Menu Online

Before you eat out, check the options out online.  

Weight Loss Tip 148 - Scout the Menu Online

Weight Loss Tip 148 – Scout the Menu Online

Smiling at lunch while ordering

Smiling at lunch while ordering

Just because you’re trying to lose weight does not mean you should stop socializing and having fun.  You can be on a diet and go out with coworkers, family, and friends.  Going out to eat with family or friends will help keep your sanity and remain sociable when you are not at work or during lunch. Downtime is ultimately the key controlling stress, but going out to eat can be a metaphorical minefield to your waistline.    Most of the favorite dishes found in a restaurant contain 2 to 4 servings per point.  Because these foods are so dense and the court content can be quite deceptive, need to be careful when you order and order smartly.  The key to success when eating out is simply portion control.  

The first and most important step to avoid overeating when you’re visiting a restaurant is to scout out the options.  I usually do this by reading the menu before you arrive at the restaurant.    These menus often have the caloric content and macronutrients listed on them.  Reading the menu will allow me to identify several options before I arrive at the eating establishment.    This allows me to pick out the lightest potential dishes.  I usually enlist the help of family and friends to ensure that I stick to the choice that I have chosen.  Another potential solution is to order ahead of time.  Many restaurants allow you to order your meal time it with the other musician order to table.  Ordering ahead of time ensures that you do not make a decision as you smell the aroma is coming from the kitchen.  

The bottom line: Scouting the menu and deciding on a food ahead of time will help you make better choices.  I have found that this allows me to make a better choice without the influence of the smells emanating from the kitchen or the choices of the other diners.

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