Weight Loss Tip: Sleep in the Dark

Weight Loss Tip 95 - Sleep in the DarkWeight Loss Tip 95 - Sleep in the Dark

Turn out the lights and lose weight

Weight Loss Tip 95 - Sleep in the Dark

Weight Loss Tip 95 – Sleep in the Dark



Light can lead to poor sleep, but how does it effect weight loss.  Poor sleep leads to poor energy efficiency.  From the standard night light to the relatively new blue light sources created by our electronic lifestyles, we have been bombarding our eyes with light that inhibits our ability to get a good night sleep.  Most of us wish we could get a good night sleep with the peace like that of a small child or baby.  The light increases cortisol and suppresses melatonin levels.  Melatonin is natures signal to sleep, and without proper levels, you will not sleep well.  Of course, anything that raised your cortisol level will increase central obesity so, it will decrease your ability to lose weight.  


For more on turning out to lights to lose weight, read my prior article on the research behind light and weight gain/obesity.  

The bottom line: I recommend you sleep in a dark room and avoid the use of electronic devices 1 hour before bedtime.  Even though studies are needed to confirm the tie with weight loss/gain and sleep, I will say that it may not help you lose weight, but it will help you sleep better and will make weight loss or maintenance easier.  

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