Weight loss tip: Slow is still progress!

Weight loss tip 158 - Slow is still progressWeight loss tip 158 - Slow is still progress

Progress is still progress.  

Weight loss tip 158 - Slow is still progress

Weight loss tip 158 – Slow is still progress

Obesity on Scale

Obesity on Scale

[pullquote]Slow Progress is better than no progress!   No matter how slow you progress, you are still doing better than the person on the couch.[/pullquote]I know it might seem depressing when your progress is slower than you expect or want.  Miracles rarely happen so make your own miracle instead of focussing on miraculous results, be happy on the success you achieve.  You have to remember slow progress is better than no progress.  You need to be on this plan for the long game.  You need to follow through.  If you focus on short-term gains, you will ultimately regain the weight.  Learn a new life that is healthier.  If you focus on a change in life for an entire life, you will be more likely to be successful.  

Taking one step forward, even if it takes quite some time for that first step, is still a step forward to create positive progress in your weight loss journey.  No matter where you on your weight loss journey, progress is still progress.  Keep that in mind this week, and aim to make small thoughtful steps in a forward.  We live in a quick-fix society, but when we want something, we want it right away.  The problem is that this is unrealistic.  We constantly see advertisements that convince us that we can lose inches in little to not time with little to no effort.  How is this realistic?   It seems like there’s no harm in wanting to lose weight by yesterday, but the fact is that will not happen.  After all, it is not possible.  

The bottom line: Slow is still progress and any improvement will lead to future success.  Focus on the long game and maximize your success.  Focus on what you can have fave done.  

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