Weight loss tip: Snack on edamame

Weight loss tip 149 - Snack on edamameWeight loss tip 149 - Snack on edamame

Soybeans can be the perfect snack.  

Weight loss tip 149 - Snack on edamame

Weight loss tip 149 – Snack on edamame

soy beans

Soy beans

What is edamame?  That term is nothing more than a fancy word for the American soybean.  It is a fancy name for a legume grown all across the globe.  I never really cared for them in tofu or any of its other forms, but I love them roasted in the oven.  The best part is that roasted edamame is a great source of fiber and protein.  

Soy nuts are a healthier snack option than many other snacks.  There are two types available online: deep-fried soy nuts and dry roasted soynuts.  I recommend the roasted.  They are made from whole soybeans which have been soaked in water and then baked or roasted until crisp and brown.  Soy nuts are similar in texture and flavor to corn nuts or peanuts but are far healthier because they contain less fat and more protein than peanuts.  Soy nuts are available in many different flavors.  

The health benefits of soy have been well publicised and there is little debate that it can help with weight loss.  These little miracles are packed with nutrition.   Just 1/2 cup shelled soybeans roasted in your oven have: 120 calories, 9 grams fiber, and 11 grams of fiber.  The best part is they only have 2.5 grams of fiber.  With that mixture of protein and fiber, they will keep you full for hours.  The best part is the protein is plant based which has been shown to help with weight loss and satiety.  Just makes sure you drink enough water or you might get constipated.  

I found that roasted edamame is delicious.  There are many manufacturers that sell them flavored online and I have even found them chocolate or yogurt covered.   They nearly taste too good to sit down to make sure you measure out a serving.  The crunch you experience when eating them is very fulfilling and is not much different than multiple snacks you might enjoy today.  I think the texture is similar to corn nuts, but they are a heck of lot healthier.  

Nuts.com has ten different varieties to fill you snacking needed.  Oh Nuts! is also a good source for soy nuts in bulk.  Heck, Amazon.com has at least 20 different options to order when I wrote this article.  

The bottom line: Roasted edamame is one of the healthiest high protein snacks you can eat.  These treats are a low-fat source of plant protein.  They are simple to prepare and eating them is very fulfilling.

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