Weight loss tip: Soup it up

Weight Loss Tip 230 - Soup it upWeight Loss Tip 230 - Soup it up

Smoothies and soup may be the perfect foods to promote satiety and weight loss.

Chunky Vegetable and Bean Soup
Chunky Vegetable and Bean Soup

If you are like me, you can probably remember the soup your mother made when you came in from a day playing in the snow. Soup may be the perfect comfort food for those that are cold. Who doesn’t like a warm cup of soup? It can be convenient and easy to make! It can be comforting! It is also likely low in calories and promotes satiety.

I will write more about the research in the next few months, but studies have shown that eating broth- or vegetable-based smoothies and soups as meal promotes satiety and therefore decreases the number of total calories consumed at that meal. That fits the definition of the perfect diet food for me. So, follow the research and let soup promote fullness.

The key is picking the right soup. Carbohydrate-rich or creamy soups are not low lower-calorie. You must choose one that is low in carbohydrates and fat while remaining high in fiber. Vegetable bean soups are a perfect choice. I usually shoot for 75-150 calories a serving and less than 600 mg of sodium.

Weight Loss Tip 230 - Soup it up
Weight Loss Tip 230 – Soup it up

The bottom line: Eating liquid-based foods such as a natural smoothie or low-sodium soup can help you cut back on calories yet feel full. They warm the belly and make you feel full. I recommend a soup or smoothie high in protein and fiber.

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