Weight loss tip: Stay Hydrated to avoid hunger

Weight loss tip: Stay Hydrated to avoid hungerWeight loss tip: Stay Hydrated to avoid hunger

Thirst can lead to overeating.

A Woman drinking water.
A Woman drinking water.

Most American’s are in a state of chronic dehydration. As a society, we have become so accustomed to drinking many artificial drinks suck as soda and many of them contain high levels of dehydrating caffeine. I have been told many times that thirst and hunger can be confused. If this is true, clearly dehydration could hinder weight loss.

Humans have many sensations that help us prevent harm to our bodies and thirst is just one of these. Our bodies crave water and when we are depleted of water we get a sensation of thirst. Thirst is the bodies sensation to prevent death due to dehydration. When your body needs water, this sensation is a protective measure to let us know when we need to drink fluids. When you do not drink enough water, your body receives mixed signals on hunger. Dehydration causes you to believe you need to eat when you really need liquid intake.

Does thirst cause similar sensation to hunger? Yes and no. It is clear that some of us have difficulty in losing weight and overeat when we are thirsty. Thirst can make us reach for salt foods that are high in processed ingredients. Both the salt and processed ingredients can limit our ability to prevent weight gain. We need to avoid confusing thirst with hunger.

Beyond the confused signals of thirst and hunger, staying hydrated can help expand you stomach and the food you eat. This expansion can promote satiety and limit the signals of hunger. Consider water or hydration to double whammy to prevent overeating and weight gain.

Weight loss tip: Stay hydrated to avoid hunger

The bottom line: Thirst and hunger are often confused. Don’t let thirst make you fall for cravings. Drink plenty of water and boost you chances to stay and become slim.

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