Weight loss tip: Stock those cabinets

Having options at home can prevent fast food grazing when restraint is lower.

Woman with Kitchen Pantry
Woman with Kitchen Pantry

We have all had that moment of weakness. You are driving home after work or after a long day at play. You remember that the refrigerator is empty. You have two choices at this stage: take a quick trip through the drive-through or hit the grocery store. Your energy is low and you really do nto have the patience to deal with all those people and lines. Before you know it, you are walking out with that feedbag full of unhealthy processed food.

Being prepared with plenty of food before your day on the town is the key to avoiding this scenario. The fact is that last-minute decisions in a moment of weakness can have a huge impact on your waistline. Having a home environment that is full of healthy choices that are ready to eat ate the key to making good decisions. When I looked for a new house, the first thing I looked at was a decent sized pantry to store stable foods those times when stress is high.

I strongly recommend that you start by changing that environment. I often keep plenty of salsa for a quick snack and a bag of bean tortilla chips or fresh fruit. These types of quick ready to eat snacks are key to stay on your path to health. I fill my kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer with plenty of unprocessed, lower carbohydrate foods that are filling with moderate amounts of protein and fiber. Eating these filling healthy snacks lower your cravings and prevent grazing.

Losing weight is not easy, but leveling the field with healthy choices is the key to success. Losing weight is easier if you makes choices that induce satiety and lower the risk of insulin spikes. Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisine make plenty of healthier choices and I recommend keeping a good supply in your freezer.

Weight loss tip: Stock Your Kitchen
Weight loss tip: Stock Your Kitchen

The bottom line: Stock your kitchen and pantry with healthy choices so you do not give in to those easier, unhealthy choices. This way you can have a meal plan when can go shopping or on a trip. This way you can remain on the path to a healthier weight without getting demotivated and giving up on your plans. You can do this!

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