Weight Loss Tip: Stop Wishing

Weight Loss Tip 138 - Stop WishingWeight Loss Tip 138 - Stop Wishing

Stop Wishing and Start Doing.  

Weight Loss Tip 138 - Stop Wishing

Weight Loss Tip 138 – Stop Wishing

[pullquote]“Life is too short to be wishing for things that have been proven by many to be achievable.”  Edmond Mbiaka[/pullquote]We all look at the stars and wish for something.  We are not in the land of Disney so face the facts: the only way you are going to get the health you want is to start doing.  Your life is your life.  You can’t completely overcome father time, but you sure can slow him down.  Focus on the future you and grab this bull by the horns.  Let’s make this happen. 

When I was younger, I used to pray for things until I realized that I had the ability to get the stuff I wanted myself.  You are the only one holding yourself back.  I am not saying not to have religion and to stop praying, but I am saying that it takes some effort from you too.  If you are sitting there just expecting to hit the lottery, but you do never buy a ticket, you will fail.  Invest in yourself.  Purchase the ticket of success and start doing.  

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