Weight loss tip: Take a nap to cut the cravings.

Taking a short nap can diminish your risk of a binge just by reducing carvings.

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Getting adequate sleep is a part of any healthy lifestyle. It reduces stress and anxiety and can improve your work performance. But who would’ve thought that adequate sleep and even a short nap can help reduce your urge to eat or cravings?  Cravings are terrible slim waistline. Any increase in appetite can increase the likelihood that you will graze or been for any foods around your house or workplace.

Inadequate sleep increases your cortisol levels and increases fat depositional around the waist. That depositional around the waist increases your insulin resistance and perpetuates central obesity. Though it might be tempting to stay up late to watch the extra episode of your favorite TV show, this will reduce your effectiveness at work and make it more likely to you to overeat to compensate for the fatigue the next day.

Weight loss tip: Take a nap to cut the cravings
Weight loss tip: Take a nap to cut the cravings

Most importantly, sleep deprivation directly increases the body’s production of appetite suppressing hormones such as ghrelin. The release of ghrelin, usually from the liver, signals to the brain to increase hunger. If you’re trying to lose weight, hunger is the enemy of successful weight loss campaign. The worst part of sleep deprivation is that we often turn to sugar and refined carbohydrates to attack the fatigue and these foods perpetuate the hunger once they are completely digested and absorbed.

The bottom line: Taking a nap can help reduce fatigue and suppress your appetite. A simple nap can help reduce your hunger and reduce your risk of grazing for snack food.

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