Weight loss tip: Take a nap.

Weight Loss Tip 193 - Take a NapWeight Loss Tip 193 - Take a Nap

Napping may help with weight loss.  

Weight Loss Tip 193 - Take a Nap

Weight Loss Tip 193 – Take a Nap

Woman napping at work

Woman napping at work

You read that right.  A nap may…may help with weight loss.  Cosying up with a blanket to these nap has benefits and one of those is weight loss.  I know now that your mind is running a million miles an hour.    You were wondering how I can say that taking a nap would increase weight loss.  You are asking yourself why because this just does not make sense.  Napping is an activity and how can inactivity increase weight loss.  Stick around for a few more minutes and I will explain.

Naps are one of those things that we do to regain that daily edge when we are a little tired and lack the ability to fully focus. Naps are actually one of the most important things that we can do for our health, overall well-being, for our creativity, our fitness, and even promote weight loss. When most of us think of weight loss, we think of exercise.  An activity that promotes sweating and burning calories through steps and reps but not sitting or laying down.

Napping isn’t just for the lazy.  Studies have shown that an afternoon nap is great for just about everyone.  The only people that shouldn’t nap are those who mapping increases their insomnia.  There is no need to feel lazy for indulging in an afternoon nap.  Many research studies have shown that a nap in the afternoon can increase memory, improve job performance, lower stress, reduce depression, and increase attention span.   Wait, how does napping help with weight loss?  

Napping helps with weight loss through two mechanisms.  First, naps reduce stress and stress reduction lowers cortisol which promotes weight gain in the central abdomen and predisposes you to metabolic syndrome and obesity.  Second, if you are tired and lack focus, you are more likely to self-medicate this situation with grazing even if you are not hungry.  More food increases your weight and never you know it, you overweight or obese.  The key is a short nap to refresh your edge and lower your stress and not a nap that last hours.  

The bottom line:  Listen to your body and take a nap when you need one.  Napping can promote weight loss if properly used.  So, lay down and take a 30-minute snooze between meetings and boost your weight loss.  

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