Weight Loss Tip: The Rule of One

Weight Loss Tip 90 - The Rule of OneWeight Loss Tip 90 - The Rule of One

Use the Rule of One to reduce your holiday indiscretions.  

Weight Loss Tip 90 - The Rule of One

Weight Loss Tip 90 – The Rule of One

The key to weight loss is not depriving you of the foods you desire.  If you truly want the food and completely avoid it, you might make the desire for the food stronger.  I strongly recommend eating a smaller portion to reduce your intake.  

To assist my endeavor over the holidays, I usually practice the “rule of one”.  This rule is one that I have seen all over the internet and I have no idea what the origin is.  The “rule of one” is simply a method of reducing portion size and avoiding depriving yourself of things you enjoy.   The key is eating a single small portion of the pie and not the entire pie or one Twinkie and not the whole box.   If I am having a piece of peppermint cheesecake at Christmas, I have a small sliver.  If I want ice cream, I try to eat a small spoonful of it.  You may find that eating your dessert with a sample spoon our of a smaller bowl helps you enjoy it more and eat less.  

The bottom line: Use portion control when consuming calorie dense holiday delights to avoid over-consumption.  The “rule of one” may help by limiting you to one serving.

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