Weight Loss Tip:  Update your Wardrobe  

Weight Loss Tip 151 - update your wardrobeWeight Loss Tip 151 - update your wardrobe

A simple update can help motivate weight loss.

Weight Loss Tip 151 - update your wardrobe

Weight Loss Tip 151 – Update your wardrobe



Do you like to buy new clothes?  Do you like the feeling of fitting into a new pair of jeans?  Updating your closet is an easy way promote weight loss and maintenance.  If you’re like me, I am often distressed by that perfect pair of jeans or shorts that just don’t perfectly fit.  Heck, I often buy a slightly smaller size to motivate weight loss success.   I pull our smaller clothes and try fit into them every one to two weeks to promote motivation and gauge my success.   This method is so easy that I highly recommend it.

So, go to a store and find that pair of jeans, shorts, or pretty skirt that almost fits, and buy it.  You will thank me later.  When you crave those cookies you hid in the back of your closets, remember the tightness of those pants, and it will encourage you to wait till the craving passes and avoid the cookies.   The best part is this method is that it builds confidence as you get closer to the clothes fitting.  

But could buying smaller clothes be detrimental to weight loss? Yes.  If you find it depressing to the point of giving up on your diet, it could be a terrible method for you, but this has never happened to me.  I find that my confidence builds with the motivation and it always helps me with weight loss.

The bottom line: Adding to and updating your wardrobe can assist with weight loss by increasing motivation.  Motivation is a welcome addition during the weight loss journey, and even something as simple as clothing can help lose weight and maintain weight.  

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