Weight loss tip: Use an Event to Motivate!

Weight Loss Tip 172 - Use an event to motivateWeight Loss Tip 172 - Use an event to motivate

Special events can be used to motive weight loss.  

Weight Loss Tip 172 - Use an event to motivate

Weight Loss Tip 172 – Use an event to motivate

Motivation is a good thing, and we all find motivation in different ways.  Everyone has a special day in which they want to weight less to impress people they have not seen in a while.  Weddings, reunions, and vacations result in gatherings that people you know and you may want to look good for them.  The pressure to look healthy and fit is quite overwhelming, and we all fear the consequences if we don’t make it.  The problem is that we often fall to quick weight loss fads to try to meet the goal.  



As I have said many times, I am not a fan of the word diet. Yes, I use it, but I feel uncomfortable with the term.  Changes in your diet to lose weight should be a permanent change.  I encourage people to focus on the long game and not focusing on short-term goals.  Changing your food choices and adding exercise, permanently, will not only assist with losing weight loss but also maintain the new weight. You need to choose healthy, whole foods and reduce the amount of high-fat and processed foods you consume. 

Many “dieters” focus on a date or event to lose weight.  These people want to lose weight to fit into a dress, suit, or letterman’s jacket to look good for friends and family.  This method is not the best plan for success.  When you focus on an event or date, you often drift back to the old habits almost as soon as the event passes.  This technique creates a yo-yo effect as you move from event to event and regain the weight in between them.  This effect is not healthy and has been proven to be unhealthy.  There are better ways to lose weight that is more productive and healthier.  

So, how can I do this better and healthier?  Start with a focus on the short-term goals that are realistic.  I recommend that you concentrate on losing one to two pounds per week and reassess after each week.  Focus on eating healthier and adding exercise and the weight loss will happen with less effort.  You should considered healthy weight loss and exercise and avoid fad diets and crash diets and exercise.  There is nothing wrong with using an event to motivate yourself to lose weight, but you need to try not fall off the wagon when the goal is met. 


  1. Class Reunion

    Class Reunion

    Reduce your caloric intake. Cut 500-1000 calories off your dietary intake for the day to lose 1-2 pound per week.  If you eat well, you will perform well in your daily duties and lose weight in the process. 

  2. Watch your portion sizes.  If you do not measure your portions, you are unlikely actually to know how many calories you are consuming  
  3. Alter your workouts.  If you modify the intensity and type of exercise you perform, you will maintain interest and maximize results.  Changing your workout duration, intensity, or type training is essential to avoid boredom.
  4. Hydrate for weight loss.  Hydration will keep you full longer and reduce caloric intake.  

The bottom line: A special event may be sufficient motivation to help you to lose weight, and that is a good thing.  If you want to maintain the weight loss, you need to learn how to stay healthy.  Losing weight is hard work, but it’s not impossible but keeping it off is difficult.  Good luck! 

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