Weight loss tip: Use Nonstick Spray

Weight Loss Tip 134 - Use a Cooking SprayWeight Loss Tip 134 - Use a Cooking Spray

Using nonstick spray instead of oil can help with weight loss.  

Weight Loss Tip 134 - Use a Cooking Spray

Weight Loss Tip 134 – Use a Cooking Spray

Cooking Spray

Cooking Spray

Spraying your pain with a little nonstick spray can when you sauté or fry your foods can significantly reduce your calories.  Oil is often used in cooking to keep your meal from sticking to the pan, but it can add a lot of calories to the dish.  One teaspoon can have as much as 119 calories. The key when trying to lose weight is not to add too much.

To lessen the calories and still get the same nonstick effect, you can use the cooking spray or buy an olive oil sprayer.  Heck, you can even, rub a little olive oil onto the surface of the pan with a paper towel for a light coating.  I really like my olive oil sprayer.  The key to success with cooking spray or an oil sprayer you fill yourself is to remember cooking spray is still oil so too much will result in the same effect as adding oil.  I know the label on the spray may say it is fat-free, but that is actually untrue.  The oil is only insignificant if you add a very small or light spray.  A one-second spray only delivers around a gram of fat or less than ten calories. If you compare this to a tbsp of oil or butter, you are cutting over 90 calories bu using the cooking spray.   This can mean a lot of unnecessary fat and calories. Your vegetables will not know the difference, but your pants will. I recommend using canola or olive oil cooking spray.

The bottom line: Cooking spray can make not only a significant reduction in your fat and calorie intake but also your waistline.  I highly recommend an olive oil spray or refillable sprayer.  You will not notice the difference in your meats and vegetables.  

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