Weight Loss Tip: Use Your Smart Phone

Weight Loss Tip - Use Your Smart PhoneWeight Loss Tip - Use Your Smart Phone
Smart Phone

Smart Phone

Your Smart Phone Can Help You Choose Food Wisely.

When you are shopping or dining out and wonder what a better or healthier choice for a meal or snack might be, do a quick search on Google, and you will find many sources for just about any restaurant meal you want to research.  I recommend 400-500 calories per meal and 100-140 calories per snack if you are trying to lose weight.  Dining out can be difficult, and the calorie content of the meals in most restaurants can surprise you.  I have found that many meals have 2-3 times the calorie content of what I was expecting, and many have minimal fiber to keep you full.  

I recommend you make informed decisions with your choices.  If you do not know when you chose, you are going to each meal ordering blind.  I use Loseit to track my calories, and if I can’t find the food I am looking for in their database, I do a Google search.  I often use CalorieKing.  I prefer this site because it shows not only the nutritional information but compares the amount of exercise you will need to do to burn off your little indiscretion.  

Weight Loss Tip - Use Your Smart Phone

Weight Loss Tip – Use Your Smart Phone

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