Weight loss tip: Visualize Success

Weight loss tip 124 - Visualize SuccessWeight loss tip 124 - Visualize Success

Planning and visualizing will motivate success.  

Weight loss tip 124 - Visualize Success

Weight loss tip 124 – Visualize Success


As I had heard many times when I used to play golf, “see or be the ball.”  This statement means you need to visualize a successful put to make it happen.  The same concept is true for successful weight loss and maintenance.  These positive thoughts and visualization will motive you to be more successful.  Just thinking about your success will allow you to build a plan step by step to achieve the goal and this process will reduce the emotional anxiety and fear of failure that can cripple your attempt.  

So, what do I need to think about?  You need to think about and imagine yourself at your new weight.  Imagine how you are going to get there and what you will look like.  It is almost like fantasizing about your further success.  So, don’t dismiss this as idle fantasy, it is planning for a new reality.  This plan is very doable, and you will be successful.  

The bottom line: Those who can visualize a slim and thin new person will be more likely to meet their weight loss goal.  Use the images of success in your head to motivate and push you to a higher level of success.  

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