Weight loss tip: You are worth eating right.

Weight Loss Tip 168 - You are worth eating rightWeight Loss Tip 168 - You are worth eating right

Eat like you care about yourself.

Weight Loss Tip 168 - You are worth eating right

Weight Loss Tip 168 – You are worth eating right

 A couple cooking

A couple cooking

Food can be our medicine or our enemy.  I want to encourage you to eat like you love yourself.  You are worth the time and effort to eat healthily.  Food can be the cure most of what is wrong with you, but if you eat in excess, it can be the cause of a lot of your future diseases.  I know because I’ve been on both sides of the diagnostic equation.  Do not let food be the enemy.  If you shame or treat food as if it is evil, you will increase your odds of going on a binge, and nothing can be worse for your health than strapping on the feed bag full of junk food.  The key to success is learning to eat healthily and remain consistent in your dietary habits and exercise.  Each day that I stuck to my diet resulted in me feeling healthier and happier me.  I am confident that you will feel similar effects and your mood will improve.  Enough with the pretext, I hope these words encourage you to eat as if you love yourself. 

Eating to improve your comfort is a huge mistake, but if you know the calorie content of your foods and you control your portions, you can better fulfill your calorie needs without splurging.  When we’re stressed, we crave comfort foods because they act like serotonin and make us feel good and if we eat for comfort, we will overeat.  Your body needs calories to survive and function correctly but if you overeat or eat the wrong foods, you will feel sluggish.   Skipping meals can reduce performance.  When you skip meals, your body goes into starvation mode.  A little reduction just burns fat but starvation is too much to function properly.  Eating a healthy diet will improve both energy and performance.  

You will not completely avoid overeating.  You have to accept this and forgive yourself when you splurge.  If you cannot Forgive your bad habits, you will fixate on them and have regrets.  Regrets and guilt are negative energy that will result in more binges.   Regrets and guilt snowball into bigger problems and thus cause you to continue to eat and eat.  Instead, enjoy what you are eating and avoid regrets.  If you do splurge, don’t fixate and move back to your diet plan as quickly as you can.  

The bottom line: Take care of yourself.  If you make healthier habits now, you can stay out of the doctor’s office later and feel better about yourself.  Make dietary decisions based on your best interests, do what you truly want to do, and remember happiness based on dietary decision and comfort foods will be short-lived.  Love yourself and eat like you have a future.  

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