Weight loss tips: Ditch the mayonnaise

Mayonnaise contains empty calories and provides little to no nutrition and is best left in the jar.

Mayonnaise sauce.

Mayonnaise is one of those guilty pleasures that many people feel is essential to their daytime regime. People added to their sandwich and just about any recipe you can imagine. I, like you, enjoy mayonnaise on my sandwich. The problem is that it is high in calories and provides very little nutritive value.

The fact is that 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise has about 100 calories. these calories come from over 10 g of fat and nearly zero protein. Although mayonnaise is low in sugar, is exceptionally high in fat. Adding mayonnaise to your daily sandwich will more than double the amount of fat that you consume in that single meal. Sure, your body needs fat, but it is better to get the fat from healthy sources such as olive oil or peanut oil.

Weight loss tip: Ditch the Mayo
Weight loss tip: Ditch the Mayo

The bottom line: Mayonnaise is one of the first foods that you should consider cutting from your diet if you’re trying to lose weight. although you could consider having a low-fat or nonfat version of mayonnaise, these versions taste terrible and provide nearly no nutritive value. Instead, I would recommend using mustard because has more flavor and most have a lower calorie content. Cutting 100 calories per day fro a year could result in 10-pounds sof weight loss in a year!

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