July 2021

Research: Mobile bite counters can promote weight loss

Mobile Bite Counters may assist with weight loss.

Chewing is the mechanism by which we mechanically crush and cut food.  The act of chewing stimulates multiple physiologic responses to include increased release of digestive enzymes and a feeling of satiety.  Prior research has shown that chewing slower and more increases satiety.  It would make sense that using a bite counter might increase satiety if it encourages you to chew more and eat slower.  The problem is there is limited research to back up this hypothesis.


Research: Better quality of carbohydrates leads to better outcomes

Clinical outcomes: It is all about the quality of your carbohydrate intake.  

Clinicians and researchers have long suspected that not all carbohydrates are created equal.  It makes perfect sense that an unprocessed starchy food with 100 calories would not result in similar clinical outcomes as the same number of calories of table sugar.  The whole foods that are less processed should be more abundant in fiber and thus take longer to process by our bodies and result in less of an insulin and blood sugar spike.  The big problem is that there is a limited appetite to research such differences and thus there is little proof to back up such beliefs.