The articles on this website are inspired by either real life experiences, research I have found, or questions asked by you.  Please keep asking questions and encouraging me to write more.   I have a particular interest in supplements and their side effects so basically, no question is taboo, and your name will remain confidential.  To ask a question, fill out the contact form.

The topics of the posts or blog articles are varied, and some can be categorized into multiple areas.  Below is a list of categories and links to a page containing some of them.

Post Categories:

  1. Exercise and Fitness.  Posts about the exercise and fitness information I have found during the last year to help you maintain your weight and improve your health.  
  2. Nutrition.  Articles on the nutritional information I have found during my quest.  
  3. Progress reports.  Report on my challenges and successes as I strive toward better health.  
  4. Recipes.  These are the recipes I have enjoyed.  Each will have the nutritional information, ingredients, and directions.  
  5. Research.  I have done a lot of the investigation of studies on weight loss.  As I find more research that I feel may help or motivate you to be successful.  
  6. Reviews.  I have taken the time to review products that I have found o be helpful over the last year.  Give them a try.  
  7. Weight Loss.  This section contains all the posts that I made that contains information that has helped me lose weight and will, hopefully, help you do the same.   


Article Schedule:

Before 30 January 2017, articles were published as I had inspiration.  The article schedule was sort of like having ADHD.  I have decided to make it more predictable.  Below is the weekly article schedule.  I will do my best to stick to it.  You can click on the topic to see a list of those articles.  

Day Topic
Monday Motivation or Progress Reports
Tuesday Weight Loss Research or Food Showdown
Wednesday Weight Loss Tips or Product Reviews
Thursday Weight Loss Research or Viewer Questions
Friday Weight Loss Tips or Product Reviews
Saturday Lists or Myths 
Sunday Healthy Food Choices or  Recipes

I hope you enjoy my blog posts.  

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