Question: Can chlorogenic acid assist with weight loss?

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Chlorogenic acid appears to assist with weight loss.


I get this type of question all of the time. It is an interesting question, but it is not easy to answer. Chlorogenic acid has been touted as a cure for wide range of health concerns. To answer this question we have to develop a common understanding. Before we answer the question, it is important that we understand what chlorogenic acid is and any potential mechanisms.

A study from 2020 sought to answer this question by exploring the effects of chlorogenic acid on fat reduction and their underlying mechanism​[1]​. The researchers established the used a mouse model to answer this question in this 4-week study. The mice were subjected to 48 h of chlorogenic acid intervention.

The results of the study revealed chlorogenic acid treatment could reduce the fat accumulation in the liver and reduced the blood lipid levels. This result means that chlorogenic acid help reduces body fat and improve cholesterol levels in mice. The mouse metabolism should be equivalent in humans so we would expect similar results in humans.

The bottom line: Based on the above results, chlorogenic acid should improve blood lipid and liver function in obese. It should also help with weight loss and obesity. Chlorogenic acid can be developed as lowering blood lipids, obesity treatment drug. Then again, since chlorogenic acid is a common component in coffee, just have a couple of cups and enjoy your Joe.


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    Y. Zhong et al., “Effects and Mechanism of Chlorogenic Acid on Weight Loss,” CPB, Mar. 2020, doi: 10.2174/1389201021666200318124922. [Online]. Available:
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