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Healthy lifestyle leads to a significant reduction in type 2 diabetes.


Nearly everyone is looking for a way to live more healthily.  Now as you start a new year, maybe it is time to make a new move to a healthier lifestyle. The real question as you make this move is what is more healthy. A vegetarian would tell you that healthy lifestyles not eating meat. Many experts said that a healthy diet is eating less meat and more vegetables. The problem is there’s a wide swath of opinions and limited evidence to support one died over another.

No matter what your opinion is, most experts will agree that a healthy lifestyle can go a long way toward preventing and at least managing type II diabetes. Type II diabetes or adult-onset diabetes is directly tied to a metabolic impairment or metabolic syndrome. These metabolic impairments or syndromes are directly tied to central obesity.

Even though most experts would agree that a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk of diabetes type II, there is little to no evidence to back up these claims. In fact, I would go a step further to say that no systematic review has summarised the relationship between combined lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol drinking, physical activity, diet and being overweight.

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Despite this lack of evidence, medical experts continue to recommend healthier living as a means to reduce your risk of diabetes type II. The good news is that evidence is starting to mount to support this recommendation. In 2019, a new study returned with favorable results​[1]​. The new study looked at the incidence of type 2 diabetes and the risk of health outcomes among diabetic individuals. This study was a review and meta-analysis of prior research that tied the studies together to look for relationship between a reduced risk for diabetes and a healthy lifestyle

The researchers looked at a total of 14 different research studies that had a combined total of over 1 million patients. They found through meta-analysis that participants who had the least healthy lifestyle had a higher risk of diabetes than those with a healthy lifestyle. In fact, they found that the healthiest lifestyle tier had a 75% lower risk of diabetes. Not only did the healthiest tier have less diabetes, but they also had a lower risk of coronary artery disease, cancer death, and all-cause death.


The bottom line: I recommend a healthy diet that includes daily exercise, portion control, avoidance of alcohol and tobacco, and adequate sleep. Based on this study, the adoption of a healthy lifestyle is associated with substantial risk reduction in type 2 diabetes and long-term adverse outcomes among diabetic individuals. You should use this research as another motivational tool to live healthily. If you follow these dietary changes you will probably also lose weight.


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    Y. Zhang et al., “Combined lifestyle factors and risk of incident type 2 diabetes and prognosis among individuals with type 2 diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies,” Diabetologia, Sep. 2019 [Online]. Available:
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