Portion Control

Research: A portion-controlled diet Is more effective for weight loss

Portion control actually works for weight loss.

Weight loss should be as simple as eating fewer calories ends in less weight on your torso.  Sure, it sounds so simple as not eat or drink too much, but, unfortunately, weight loss is not this simple.  This is why many of the worlds are now struggling with being overweight or obese.  In practice, it is too easy to eat or drink more than you have planned.  The question has always been how do we keep our servings eaten to the correct portion size.  


Research: An evaluation of a commercial weight loss program on weight and body circumference

Nutrisystem® may show promise at reducing weight and body circumference

Few if any commercial weight loss programs have research to back up their use for short or long term weight loss.   Commercial diet plans are readily available to the most weight conscious consumer, but their cost may not be worth the investment because the evidence on their effectiveness for promoting weight loss is lacking.  There is some evidence to support the use of portion-controlled diets such as Nutrisystem ®.


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