Weight Loss Tip: Avoid Empty Carbs

Weight Loss Tips - Empty CaloriesWeight Loss Tips - Empty Calories

You should avoid empty calories including carbohydrates.

Breakfast Pastry: Empty Carbohydrates

Breakfast Pastry: Empty Carbohydrates

I know you have heard this before, but empty calories provide very limited nutritional benefit.  This concept means that the food is low in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.  Often, we splurge on these low-quality foods.  The problem is you get very little positive benefit from these foods other than calories.  You need to acquire protein, fat, fiber, minerals, and vitamins from the food you eat.  The fact is that you get very little benefit from many of the snacks we eat.  Mainly, the empty carbohydrates such as simple sugars provide only calories, and they do very little to keep you full since they have no fiber.   

I encourage a balanced diet.  I would never endorse a high-protein diet.  I recommend a moderate balance diet that has ample calories from all food groups.  I limit my intake of processed foods and sugar because I have found that they are not as filling than less processed foods.  

Weight Loss Tips - Empty Calories

Weight Loss Tips – Empty Calories

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