Weight loss tip: Combine fat and fiber for satiety

The right combo of fat and fiber spells lasting satiety.

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Like many of you, I am looking for a way to promote fullness and satiety. The problem is that it is not as easy as you might expect. The good news is that combining fat with fiber has been shown to promote fullness and reduce caloric intake.

Fat has been proven to increase your satisfaction with the food we have eaten. Fiber has been shown to potentiate this effect and increase the satiating potential of fat by itself. Sure, fiber intake, by itself, is associated with enhanced satiety and reduced food intake.

Not all fiver is the same. Some fiber greatly reduces the digestion of fats and promote satiety. The properties of some fibers can prolong the contact of dietary fats with the intestinal mucosa and reduce fat digestion appear to contribute to enhanced satiety.

This effect is especially seen with partially hydrolyzed guar gum. When added to fill fat, yogurt has been shown to decrease the bioaccessibility of fat. Not only did it reduce the digestion of fats and fat absorption, but it was also able to suppress hunger in healthy subjects. The effect is on more than just fat. It also lowers or slows gastric emptying and affects both blood sugar by reducing adsorption of it too.

Weight loss tip: Combine Fat and Fiber

The bottom line: Combining fat with fiber reduces hunger and promotes satiety. It is an interesting means to enhance the satiating potential of fat-containing products and the effects on other macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals need to be determined. The reduction in absorption and promotion of satiety could just what you need to lose weight.

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