Weight Loss Tip: Make a Shopping List

Weight Loss Tip - Make A Shopping ListWeight Loss Tip - Make A Shopping List

The Shopping List: A Guide to Avoid the Supermarket Trap

Happy family with a shopping cart

Happy family with a shopping cart

[pullquote]Making a Shopping List: Making a list prior to shopping will reduce impulse buying and over indulgence. [/pullquote] After 45 minutes to an hour wandering the aisles of the concrete plains looking fo my kill to fulfill my dinner plans, I usually come out of the store with a lot of stuff that is not in my plans for meals for the week.  I hate going to the grocery store.  Everything from the colors to the food placement to the colors is designed to get you to buy too much food by not only buying items not on your list but also more than you need for each item.   It is designed to ruin your healthy eating plans, but the good news is there is a simple strategy to avoid this problem, and it is called a shopping list.  

Tips to avoid the supermarket trap:

  1. Always make a shopping list.  I make a list as I run out of items.  
  2. Never buy it if it is not on the list.  Only buy staple foods such milk, bread, vegetables, and fruits if they are not on the list.
  3. Never fall for the numbers game.  You will see a sign that looks like a great deal.  Two pink flamingos for a dollar.  It is only a great deal if you need pink flamingos and it is never a great deal in the grocery store.  
  4. Plan a weekly menu.  A grocery store is no place to plan meals.  You will buy unhealthy foods if you plan your meals while you are grazing in the grocery store.  
  5. Never shop hungry.  Shopping on an empty stomach is like playing Russian roulette with a loaded weapon.  It will end poorly.  More about shopping hungry.
Weight Loss Tip - Make A Shopping List

Weight Loss Tip – Make A Shopping List

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